Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Went Down During Best Picture Chaos

"We were chugging along and then all of sudden it turned into a one of those Maury Povich paternity test shows".

After the commotion had died down, Kimmel said that some people immediately assumed he was responsible for giving Beatty the wrong envelope as a final prank, an assumption he was quick to correct.

"Jimmy had a whole bit that got nixed obviously because of the Best Picture mix-up - he was going to do a whole thing with Matt Damon asking him what it's like to be a loser", says the insider.

"I'm now sitting in the audience watching the speeches". Kimmel also let us in on his mindset while it was all going down. During his Monday monologue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", he said, "As I'm sure you've at least heard, "La La Land" was simultaneously somehow the biggest victor and loser last night". It read, "With the past two years dominated by talk of Donald Trump, Jimmy is announcing a much-needed break from discussing the president and his administration - at least for one night".

Producers from La La Land, who were basking in triumph, were alerted of the error while onstage and announced that it was Moonlight that in fact won the big prize of the night.

Kimmel also made fun of another seemingly foreign-sounding name, during the section of the show when a group of unsuspecting tourists were ushered into the ceremony as a candid skit. He's gesturing and he's pointing.

"I was the one person who wasn't surprised that it all got screwed up", the 46-year-old actor quipped. But that is not where the story ends.

Elsewhere, Colbert spoofed the moment with "a backstage look".

"It wasn't Warren Beatty's fault", he said. "Welcome to The Late Show, I'm La La Land", he joked, starting off the show. "So she said she had the card, but I was with Warren and he had the card". Inside was a card printed with the name of the best actress victor, Emma Stone for "La La Land". And Faye Dunaway, she made quite a getaway.

Cue more footage of Beatty trying to clear up what happened - he said that the card in the envelope read "Emma Stone, 'La La Land, '" which is why Dunaway read the wrong name. Instead, she got a standing ovation. Kimmel, however, said he's not the man to do that. Luckily he was not on stage at the time, but everyone thought a bomb went off. Kimmel's wife even tried to hide their daughter under a table to protect her from the supposed threat, according to E!

  • Salvatore Jensen