New Zealand Offering Free Trip For Qualified Techies

100 candidates will be brought in for a week, over which they'll get to know the city, the industry, interview for a job, and get a feel for life in New Zealand. Candidates will only need to pay for their food, drink, and entertainment.

It claims it's aiming to "address the city's IT skills shortage" and is looking to recruit new software developers, creative directors, product managers and analysts. The project is also being supported by Immigration New Zealand and NZ Tech, a major tech industry association.

Companies will make offers to the best candidates at the end of the week.

And they're offering a free trip down under - complete with airfares and accommodation - to anyone who wants to apply for the role. The campaign does say if you flag it, their travel agency will manage the bookings for you.

Interested aspirants are required to fill out an online job application, after which local tech companies will consider them for an interview.

You'd hardly expect a potential employer to foot the bill for your train journey to the interview.

The waterfront city is home to a slew of cafes, bars, boutique shops and is the port for the ferry which will take you to the south island.

Applicants have until March 20 to submit their resumes.

Tech firms will then be able to "nominate" you for a spot on the trip; the more nominations you receive, the more likely you'll win an invitation.

Interviews will take place in New Zealand from May 8 to 11.

  • Zachary Reyes