New Trump travel order expected soon: U.S. vice president

However, Wednesday came and passed without the order's signing, a delay that ABC News has learned was due in part to concerns expressed by members of Trump's own Cabinet.

Trump signed his original executive order in late January.

The administration announced it would release a revised version of the ban after the first executive order enacting the policy faced multiple legal challenges and was suspended by the courts. The order will exempt current visa holders and legal permanent residents, and it will not impose a blanket ban on those from Iraq, where US forces are working with the Iraqis to battle the Islamic State.

A White House official did not explicitly tell CNN that the favorable coverage spurred Trump to delay the signing, but did not deny that it played a role in the matter.

Behind the scenes, Trump's daughter Ivanka was a key advocate for the more measured, less combative tone he struck in his speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, officials say.

Mr. Trump also said that he believes that real and positive immigration reform is possible as long as it focusses on the goals to improve jobs and wages for Americans to strengthen the country's security and to restore respect for laws. The president was previously expected to sign that order Wednesday.

The White House's decision to halt suspension of refugees from the seven nations has struck a nerve among some activists.

The White House made a decision to remove Iraq from the list of targeted countries after an extended internal debate, a person familiar with the planning said, and, while it will solve some of the White House's problems, it could create new ones.

Iraqis have fought alongside U.S. troops for years and have worked as translators.

The legal-services nonprofit OneJustice was ready to send email alerts to 3,000 volunteers in California if needed, deploying them to San Francisco and Los Angeles airports for people affected by any new order, chief executive Julia Wilson said.

"It was Presidential. Exactly what he needed to do & country needed to hear", Rubio added.

Exactly how the order will be implemented remains unclear.

"And we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe - and to keep out those who would do us harm", Trump said. Now Justice Department lawyers might be pressed to justify why people from Iraq can enter the United States, when those from other countries with the same designation cannot. However, all valid United States visas held by citizens of the six countries are to be honored, the officials added. The Justice Department defended the order before a Ninth Circuit panel by arguing that the courts had no constitutional authority to contravene the president's power to act to safeguard the country.

  • Leroy Wright