NCAA Campaign Features Sneakers That Can Order Pizza Hut

It's one of the stranger wearables we've seen, and one that is entirely advertisement-focused, if not amusing: Pizza Hut smart shoes.

Additionally, throughout March Madness Pizza Hut is offering a large, two-topping pizza for $7.99 to those who place online orders, even if you aren't rocking with the Pie Tops. Pizza Hut has unveiled its latest commercial with former National Basketball Association player Grant Hill that features the aforementioned sneakers being dubbed the "Pie Tops". Because apparently, shoes are no longer made for walking you over to the pizza joint - they're made for ensuring the pizza comes to you with no movement required. How about shoes that order your pizza for you. The tongue contains a Bluetooth button that pairs with a phone app, where you can change the default order and configure button-press options.

Better do stretches first, since bending over to touch the shoe tongue might be the most exercise some Pizza Hut customers get all day.

Today, Pizza Hut introduces the Pie Top, limited edition sneakers that use geolocation technology to allow wearers to have pizza delivered to wherever they are. For the occasion, only 64 pairs of the sneakers were created, most being sent to taste makers and media.

  • Zachary Reyes