'Mass Effect: Andromeda' (ALL) Multiplayer Tech Test No Longer Planned

Mass Effect: Andromeda won't have a multiplayer tech test for players at home after all.

BioWare announced on a blog that it is showcasing Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer at PAX East 2017.

"You can also visit Microsoft on the show floor (booth #13019) for your chance to play on Xbox One". In line with this, they mentioned that they are no longer pushing through with the tech test and thanked those who had signed up for it.

Producer Fernando Melo failed to go into much detail past that fact, except to add that they'll be plenty of jumping enemies to slay with Salarians wielding swords.

Bioware is now working on Mass Effect Andromeda day one patch and general manager at Bioware has said that the devs are aiming for releasing the patch on March 16 for Origin Access members who will have access to the game same day.

Of course 6 squad members is a good figure and just as with the other titles in the series Mass Effect Andromeda may offer a separate quest that should reveal the history of the companions and their struggle.

We have one more stop on the road to Andromeda. "This panel will be streamed live on PAX's twitch channel".

  • Arturo Norris