Logan star Hugh Jackman wants Shah Rukh Khan to play Wolverine

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman's popular portrayal of the iconic fictional character - Wolverine - has set the standards high and fans of the mutant superhero might indeed find it hard to accept someone else in his place. For what is largely a non-verbal performance, Keen invests Laura with so much bad-ass personality and intensity that she is going to be an instant favorite with the young women lucky enough to have parents who will bring them to see this movie.

Donald Trump's wall idea in Logan script " I got to tell you, two years ago when I saw a first treatment, there was talk of a border wall - and about a year later as the [US election] primaries were happening I was like, "I think someone's leaked our script", Jackman said.

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On the whole, I'm not the biggest fan of the X-Men movies. Logan (Jackman) is looking after ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) south of the USA border while moonlighting as a limo driver - anesthetizing himself with booze and licking his no-longer-healing wounds.

Well, that's it. After his incredible 17-year tenure as the cigar-chomping, mutton-chopped Wolverine, it looks like Hugh Jackman is finally hanging up the claws for good.

So is Professor X in Logan? In fact, it was critical for Jackman, as he said farewell to his extensive X-Man past, to put everything on the screen for this, his last mutant adventure. Logan's vaunted healing factor has slowed, and at times doesn't seem to work at all. "I was anxious it was getting limited for me, and directors I wanted to work with were not so interested" in hiring him for non-superhero acting roles, Jackman says, though his fears were quelled when Woody Allen and Darren Aronofsky approached him - for Scoop and The Fountain respectively - and not the other way around.

"Training, not sleeping, we really left everything on the table". "He worked on the many iterations it had to have, because it had to tie in with the location that I found in the end of the movie that's Eden, where the kids are hiding out".

For the YA crowd, "Before I Fall" has been described as a mashup of "Groundhog Day" and "Mean Girls". "And that feels true to the character for me". I don't know about "Holy Grail"...

"Logan" begins its worldwide cinema roll out this week. For example, Deadpool (also rated R) did well at the box office.

  • Salvatore Jensen