John Cena has high praise for Nintendo Switch

For all specifics, here's what is promised to be included with the update, as relayed by Nintendo Everything.

Pre-orders for the console in the USA have now sold out ahead of the Nintendo Switch's release date on March 3.

This is a bit of a shame, but thankfully, we are just a couple of days away from the game's launch- so you really just have to hold out for just a few more days, and you should be good to go. Most are planning on using a ticketing system much like Best Buy, where people in line in front of the store before open will receive a ticket to buy the Switch before opening.

Aside from the walk-in sale, GameStop will also offer two Nintendo Switch bundles. As with every other retailer, Walmart will sell the Switch for $299.

HOWEVER - all consoles will be doled out on a first come, first served policy, meaning you will have to turn up at midnight on March 3 in order to stand a chance of getting one.

For the last week, the Zelda fandom has become a minefield of spoilers, as various Breath of the Wild related images, screenshots, and videos have leaked ahead of the official release.

Regardless, it'll have to be made absolutely clear on the eShop to users when they're purchasing games that won't work in TV mode or Nintendo will have some very dissatisfied customers on their hands. Customers will have to act fast to get one.

According to WWG, retailers Target and Best Buy have now confirmed that they will have some amount of units available at their stores for walk-in shoppers on launch day or via midnight release events. With a capacitive touchscreen finally in a Nintendo handheld, you've got to think mobile giants like King and Supercell might be interested, too.

  • Carolyn Briggs