Holder: Obama Will Be Back, Joining Redistricting Efforts

He added that Obama "will be part of a more visible effort" as the Democrats try to regain some of the support after losing out to the Republicans in last year's presidential election.

The return of Obama to any level of U.S. politics is sure to be welcomed by Democrat voters, many of whom felt the party became divided during the 2016 presidential race, with Hillary Clinton supporters often facing off with Bernie Sanders supporters in light of hacks that suggested party bosses pushed for Clinton's nomination.

Likewise, former president Bill Clinton has supported the political ambitions of his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as made appearances on behalf of the Democratic Party, but he has largely stayed out of the political arena. The report suggests that Obama is likely going to take up a significant role to address gerrymandering that apparently benefits Republican lawmakers.

Holder said he had been in talks with Obama about how he could make a return to politics, including ways he might interact with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which "hopes to "fight back and produce fairer maps" in the American voting process".

Briefing a group of reporters on Tuesday, the former president's Attorney General Eric Holder emphatically said: "It's coming".

Just before Obama's term as President ended, Holder had told The New York Times in an interview that fighting gerrymandering was a "primary concern" for Obama after his tenure is over as President. In that respect, what Obama has planned to do so quickly after office is all but unprecedented for a recently removed president.

  • Larry Hoffman