German mayor appeals for calm as Syrian arrested for killing

German police arrested two Syrians and a Bosnian Thursday for alleged war crimes in Syria, including mass murder of 36 people in 2013.

Abdalfatah HA, 35, is suspected of war crimes over the killing of 36 Syrian government employees by his unit in March 2013, the federal prosecutor's office said. He joined the terrorist group in 2013 and led a group of its militants to overtake a substantial weapons storage facility for the Syrian government near the city of Mahin in November of that year.

Syrian citizen Abdulrahman A.

Nusra Front was created as the Syrian affiliate of Al-Qaeda, the extremist Islamic group that sent 19 of its militants to carry out the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The mayor of Cottbus in eastern Germany is urging people to remain calm after a young Syrian was arrested on suspicion of killing an elderly woman. They were taken into custody after German police raided their apartments.

Spiegel Online reported that he was an asylum seeker.

This allows German courts to try crimes committed outside the country, though legal experts say that they are unlikely to do so unless there is a reasonable chance of bringing the perpetrators to Germany.

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, seven Syrians and two Syrian lawyers said they had submitted the first such complaint against six senior officials in the Syrian Military Intelligence Service known by name.

German police are now investigating some 30 cases linked to war crimes committed in Syria and Iraq.

Germany has taken more than one million refugees since the start of 2015, with many seeking protection from the wars in Syria and Iraq.

  • Leroy Wright