French police open murder investigation into mysterious disappearance of Troadec family

The Troadec family were last seen on the 16th of February.

The case had sinister echoes to a similar disappearance in the area six years ago, when a family of six mysteriously vanished less than four kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Troadec home.

He added that the team has now launched an investigation into murder, abduction and illegal confinement based on the development.

A jogger has found a pair of pants with the national health card of a member of a missing French family in a pocket, a source close to the probe said.

Prosecutor Pierre Sennès said late Monday (27 February) that the bloodstains found under the stairs of the family's house - in a suburb of the western city of Nantes - which seemed to be wiped by someone have matched the DNA of three of the four members.

All the home's beds had been stripped, with some sheets drying on an indoor rack. The house, back yard and two cars - one each belonging to Pascal and Brigitte - have been searched.

All of their cell phones have been turned off and their bank accounts have not been touched.

The disappearance of the Troadec family has eerie echoes from the past, down to the missing computers and the hasty attempts to scrub away DNA evidence.

Father Pascal Troadec and mother Brigitte Troadec.

"It's like time froze in the house", he said on Sunday.

France's Ministry of the Interior released these photos of the missing family.

The oldest of those children was a student at the same school as Sebastien, Ouest France said.

A man running in the town of Dirinon, near Brest, discovered the belongings of Charlotte Troadec.

A nationwide police bulletin on the family said initial suspicion had fallen on the couple's 21-year-old son, "suspected of having a deadly plan to kill the members of his family and perhaps himself".

It has been claimed that Sebastien had suffered from "psychological problems" and Pascal from depression.

Investigators returned to the house on Wednesday with "very sophisticated" scientific and technical equipment to search for further clues, Nantes prosecutor Pierre Sennes said.

Sebastien Troadec was convicted in 2013 for making death threats on his blog. The father remains the main suspect and is still at large.

But classmates of Sebastien Troadec 's interviewed by French media described a quiet, friendly youth, with one saying he was "always ready to help out".

  • Leroy Wright