DU protests: ABVP counter march seeks ban on 'anti-nationals'

This came as a response to the protest organised by AISA against the ABVP, urging for peace and freedom of expression after ABVP forced the suspension of an event at Ramjas College to be addressed by JNU student Umar Khalid on February 21.

"We are in the process of identifying the social media accounts from where those messages (of the rape threats) were generated and then the due process of getting details from these sites will be initiated", said the officer. I feel when we were in the college, there used to be very intense debates and discussions; there used to be lots of slogans, fun but never before any college in Delhi University invited those people who speak against India, that's the only difference. A few policemen and journalists were also roughed up during the violence.

Police are trying to identify the other students who were involved in the alleged attack on the AISA activists.

"We have contacted students to join the probe. Three students Anu, Sujit and Kim killed by communist and SFI (Students Federation of India)", one of them read. Instead, she was at North Campus getting ready to march for a university she does not yet know. "During boards people tell me I am not supposed to be here but being a humanities student, [I do not think] my part is just to mug up theory and get marks but [also to be] an active citizen". There is another, more practical reason. "We have written a letter of complaint to the police, and we urge strict and swift action against those who issued the threat", said an ABVP spokesperson. He had a strong view on slogans the ABVP believes are anti-national. However, to say that ABVP alone is polluting the student politics is wrong and in fact, the entire system needs a revamp. It's a question that has to be asked because the student leaders can not continue to mislead other youngsters in the name of freedom of speech.

  • Leroy Wright