Denver Zoo welcomes a baby giraffe no one is talking about

The Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of Dobby, a 5-foot, 73-pound male reticulated giraffe Wednesday morning.

While many have been anxiously watching a live video stream of a pregnant giraffe in a NY zoo, a baby giraffe was quietly born at the Denver Zoo.

Of all things, its giraffe giving birth that the Internet is waiting for.

The husky's escape act prompted calls to firefighters, who rescued the dog from the roof. In a tweet, the zoo shared some pictures and reminded followers it had "no #giraffecam" - maybe some shade thrown at the days-long drama behind the webcam pointed at a pregnant giraffe at a NY state animal park.

The couple allegedly blended up a fatal concoction of hot sauce, bleach and Comet and poured it down the cat's throat. In fact, Kipele was on birth control (yes, you read that right.) However, zoo staff is happy to have the new addition.

Kipele, the mother, has been around the Denver Zoo for a while.

She was born at the zoo in 1993, and is the oldest of the giraffes.

Dobby is the zoo's first birth since October 2010.

The Denver Post reported that Dobby's father, Dikembe, came to the Denver Zoo in February 1996 from his birthplace at the Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where he was born in December 1993. Staff fed the infant and provided critical care in his first hours of life to get him back on track.

Giraffes have a 15-month gestation period, according to the release. During the first two years of his life, he'll grow to be nearly 12 feet tall - and could grow to 17 feet!

  • Carolyn Briggs