Black history should be taught every day

Lola Jones, 5, and her mom, Cristi, have been snapping a different photo for each day of Black History Month. Young served the state of Georgia in Congress, he was the first African-American U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and also served two terms as the mayor of Atlanta.

Students seeking more information on the events or Black History Month can contact the Office of Multicultural Student Services in the Student Union.

In that context, black history and white history are inextricably woven.

By arguing for their preferred versions of Black History Month, commentators in effect are attempting to claim ownership of how the month is framed and celebrated. It was a "groundswell" movement, Delmont said, with black newspapers encouraging readers to write to Woodson for pamphlets on black history.

The community must speak like Fredrick Douglas in order to communicate our ideas to people who aren't aware of the struggle we come face to face with in an eloquent manner in which we could switch to our community as ebonics, which the superior race classify as slang that doesn't align with the way they talk. Local people who went further than any African American before them.

Adam Danami, a freshmen, explained how he hasn't learned anything for Black History Month.

The mum tried to cover a range of women, including those who have inspired her personally, as well as notable figures in history.

Let Black History Month spur us to read the works of thinkers like Stevenson, Charles Blow, Jelani Cobb and Ta-Nehisi Coates; to demand that our children's history teachers educate more deeply and with full context; and to be open to considering what our own role is in perpetuating an approach that benefits one racial group over another. Activists should never put their cause on hold in recognition of Black History Month.

"This celebration gives us the opportunity to learn from history and look towards a better future for those who come after us", he said. Although it's not being taught because of Black history month atleast black history was being taught.

Black history is an important yet often forgot about part of american history. The articles featured everyday stories of black people in America.

  • Zachary Reyes