Asylum seeker with brain tumor to be released from ICE detention

Family, lawyers and human rights activists worked to have her freed so she could be with family and get medical treatment.

Melissa Zuniga, Beltran-Hernandez's paralegal, told The Huffington Post that she and Beltran-Hernandez's family are on their way to pay the bond and get Sara released. They were in NY and needed someone who could reach their client right away.

Beltran Hernandez was hospitalized for almost two weeks after collapsing last month at the Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado, south of Fort Worth.

Fatma Marouf, a law professor and director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic at Texas A&M University, took on the case locally after Beltran Hernandez was hospitalized and her family, according to court documents, went days without being able to contact her.

Inside the woman's brain, doctors found a large tumor in her pituitary gland, a benign mass that left her dizzy, forgetful and in pain, with appetite loss and bloody noses.

The 26-year-old woman's case gained national attention because she has a potentially life-threatening brain tumor.

Beltran Hernandez has had one suspected seizure and could have others.

"She wanted access to a lawyer". ICE said she has no known criminal history.

A 26-year-old mother with a brain tumor, who came to the US from El Salvador in November 2015 seeking asylum from her children's abusive father, will be released from detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to Amnesty International.

Beltran Hernandez, who reportedly has two young children, will live with her family in NY, according to the Amnesty news release. ICE said they did it because doctors determined her condition was stable.

"It depends on her health", Marouf said.

An ICE spokeswoman told the Associated Press that Beltran Hernandez was not restrained during her transfer and that she received phone calls from her attorneys and family while in the hospital. It said Beltran-Hernandez was evaluated by detention center medical staff and referred to Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth.

Hamilton drove to the Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado but says he was denied access to her. "Every time I visit her, she is in pain. Her mom talked to her and said she's forgetting things".

  • Leroy Wright