Accountant Behind Envelope Flub Removed From Oscars After Damaging New Photos Surface

The two PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants at the center of Sunday's best picture fiasco have worked their final Oscars ceremony, an Academy spokesperson said.

A PwC spokesman said that Mr Cullinan and Ms Ruiz were still employed as partners at the accounting firm.

PwC chairman Tim Ryan said he was "very disappointed" that the wrong envelope had been passed to Beatty; he said his firm took "full responsibility" for the failure.

Cullinan was confirmed by PwC as the person responsible for giving Warren Beatty - who presented the award with Faye Dunaway - the wrong envelope.

Those behind the film were half way through an acceptance speech when the real victor was revealed to be Moonlight.

Broadcast to a live global audience of millions, "envelopegate" has been described as the biggest blunder in 89 years of Academy Awards history. Photos surfaced today of Brian Cullinan on his phone back stage at 9:04 PM PST, which was just one minute before he sent out the now-deleted photo of Emma Stone.

Brian Cullinan is an accountant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the company tasked with tallying and processing the Academy's Oscars votes. Variety recently published some damning behind-the-scenes images that showcase a distracted Cullinan, who was tweeting ahead of the snafu.

PwC Cullinan and Ruiz in a statement for not correcting the error "quickly enough". The academy also apologized for another mishap that happened on Oscar Sunday, where the wrong picture was used during an In-Memoriam entry.

It led to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway telling millions of viewers that La La Land had won best picture, rather than the actual victor Moonlight. She joined the firm's Academy ballot team in 2015. The infamous envelope mixup that led to the wrong victor being announced for Best Picture caused a massive amount of controversy and embarrassment for the #Oscars, which they're not likely to live down anytime soon. "... It never happened before and we never are going to have it happen again".

In another photo, Ruiz is shown walking onstage to hand the correct envelope to Cullinan.

Though dust from the 2017 Oscars Best Picture mix-up continues to settle, the behind-the-scenes chaos ensues.

Cullinan is a partner at PwC and chairman of the firm's U.S. board as well as a member of the firm's global board.

Crisis managers said PwC had no other option than to front-up immediately and explain exactly what happened to contain the damage to its reputation and brand and plot a way forward where there's no repeat.

  • Salvatore Jensen