Trump says 'revved up economy' will pay for budget proposals

Illinois Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner, was not present at the gathering.

The official said those cuts will come through "unauthorized programs" and places "where there is duplication, where consolidation needs to occur".

It's unclear what the overall impact of Trump's plan will be on the federal budget deficit. To pay for it, the Trump administration plans to cut the budgets of domestic agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, and various foreign-aid programs.

Trump called his proposed defense increase "historic", and that it will send a "message to the world in these unsafe times, of American strength, security and resolve". Since being elected president, Trump has described POTUS 44 in much more favorable terms, and recently revealed that he's pretty sure Obama likes him.

Donald Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, briefed reporters yesterday on the White House's new proposed budget, which as you've probably heard, seeks significant new spending on the military. But I also understand that is politics. We sell into them - because we don't sell in, because the taxes are so high that they don't want us to sell into them.

The NYT also reported potential cuts to "safety net" programs, large entitlement programs for retirees excluded, though there's zero indication which programs may be up for a budget trim.

But Mr Trump made rebuilding what he described as America's "depleted" armed forces a central part of his campaign.

The spending priorities come just before the president heads to Capitol Hill on Tuesday evening to deliver a joint session speech to Congress.

"This budget will be a public safety and national security budget", Trump said during a bipartisan gathering of U.S. governors at the White House on Monday 27 February. "With $20 trillion in debt, can you imagine that, the government must learn to tighten its belt, something families all across the country have had to learn to do unfortunately".

"No more wasted money", Trump said in a budget meeting earlier this month.

But in an interview with Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" programme, Trump said he would have "done it differently", adding he would have gone "one-on-one" with individual people.

  • Carolyn Briggs