Ryan Gosling sees the amusing side of Oscars mix-up

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone starrer La La Land has been this year's front runner in every award show - until last night! I'm Ryan Gosling I have flawless bone structure and kind eyes...

Of course, the entire thing was in good fun-unless there were any mean tweets about Matt Damon, because we're sure Kimmel meant those.

Another mean tweet compared Tilda Swinton to a dog.

Naturally, glorious Ryan took the backhanded compliment like the god he is.

But one woman who really stood out was Vicky. And why not? Just because Emma Stone's got a fancy Oscar for Best Actress now doesn't mean she shouldn't be reminded that there are very bad people out there who thinks she "looks like a crack whore in every role she plays".

To which she replied, "Great", nodding her head.

"I am playing grandfather roles".

The first and most exciting star in the video is miss Natalie Portman, who unfortunately had to miss the actual ceremony because she is SO PREGNANT! Definitely not an entrée though. "You're wrong", she deadpanned.

Probably the best tweet.

Tannar raised his arms and my dad looks at his armpit hair and says "You look like you have Whoppi Goldberg in a headlock".

  • Salvatore Jensen