New DNC chair Perez ridicules Trump tweet over 'rigged' vote

Tuesday in Washington, the Latino Political Power Summit, the newly-elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez compared the policies of President Donald Trump to the Jim Crow era. They preferred his opponent, Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison.

Sanders himself had highlighted the gulf between the party leadership and the "progressive" activist wing so enamored with him, refusing to deny on CNN Sunday that he was keeping his email lists out of DNC hands for use by further-left candidates only.

Trump insinuated that Perez's DNC victory on the second ballot at a party conference in Atlanta on Saturday was because Hillary Clinton had backed Perez, a former Labor secretary in the Obama administration who was seen as representing the party's establishment forces.

Perez's tweet included a photo of a "Donald J. Trump: Signature Collection" tie that appears to be made in China.

Sanders said Beshear is speaking because Trump will focus a lot on Obamacare tonight, and he will respond by talking up the successes the law had in his state. Republicans now control not only the White House and Congress, but 33 governorships and dozens of state legislatures. The DNC chair said Trump's speech was heavy on "immigrant baiting" and consisted of empty promises.

  • Leroy Wright