Minecraft Sales Surpass 122 Million Units

The news of the milestone was Tweeted by the Minecraft team and the sales figure covers all of the many platforms on which Minecraft is available and is a healthy increase from the 100 million copies sold as of June 2016.

Minecraft continues to sell at a mind-boggling pace: Developer Mojang has now sold 122 million copies of the sandbox exploration game across all platforms, the Microsoft-owned Swedish studio announced today.

The 122 million figure includes games on all platforms, and the game now has 55 million monthly active players.

It's this continued dominance that helps explain why Microsoft shelled out $2.5 billion for the game back in September 2014 - the game is a sales juggernaut, having moved over 20 million units in the last six months.

If there is any belief that Minecraft is not the defining video game of its age, then it's time to start putting those doubts to bed.

If recent estimates are to be believed, the game has overtook Wii Sports on the best sellers list.

Here are the GIFs contextualising the game's success with other amusing statisctics. It's no wonder why we get lovely works of art like this one-to-one re-creation of Vienna - with so many people playing, some folks are bound to create something magical.

  • Salvatore Jensen