Le Grand Methodist plans Ash Wednesday service

"Lent calls us back to values that give objective and meaning to our lives".

Ash Wednesday initiates the Lenten season of reflection and penitence which precedes Easter. "Jesus had his own journey of 40 days, which prepared him well for his ministry and ultimately for his passion and resurrection". If you count back 40 days from Easter but omit the Sundays you find that the first day of Lent is always a Wednesday. The people who accept ashes on the street are often people longing to make a connection between their faith and the forces of daily life, and Ashes to Go helps them feel that connection. As part of tradition, worshipers will have ashes rubbed on their forehead in the form of a cross. Ashes have typically been used as sign of repentance. We've come from ashes, we come from the Earth and we're returning to the Earth.

Maki said the ash crucifix drawn on the forehead represents the dust from which God made humans.

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These words echo the Word of God to Adam and Eve after the fall. "We ask the Lord to be merciful and kind to us that we are sinners and grace us to remain faithful throughout the Lenten journey in his passion", he said, while talking about a prayer that is going to be held today.

"By putting ourselves out into something new, we have transformed what it means to be a church and have begun a new ritual for some who might otherwise feel disconnected", Archdeacon Christopher Pappas, rector of Holy Trinity, Old Strathcona, said in a Monday news release.

GRAFTON-The Church of the Good Shepherd would like to announce that there will be an Ash Wednesday service, sponsored by the Taylor County Ministerial Association, in front of the International Mother's Day Shrine on Wednesday, March 1, starting at noon. Trinity Anglican Church is located at 8486 Bowden St.in historic Douglasville.

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