House Speaker Ryan Says Answers Needed About Alleged Trump-Russia Ties

A senior Senate aide told Breitbart News not to expect the president to endorse any specific healthcare plan.

But people in Trump's circle seem to have misinformed him about the sequencing-possibly in order to prevent the president and the speaker from getting into a dispute about it.

U.S. House speaker Paul Ryan says "answers" are needed on reports of improper contracts between President Donald Trump's campaign officials and Russian Federation during the presidential campaign.

Ryan also rejected comments from former House Speaker John Boehner from earlier this week that Republicans in Congress will not be able to come to an agreement on ObamaCare and will only fix parts of it and "put a more conservative box around it". But he acknowledged the divisions, saying there will be "churning" in any legislative process. "I think we have a great plan and I think Congress is absolutely taking a lot of blame, but it's not their fault".

When asked about Boehner's comment, Ryan told NBC's "Today" show that "that is not what we're doing".

Naturally, Twitter exploded with Mike Pence and Paul Ryan tweets in response.

Among other things, Ryan is advocating a new system of refundable tax credits that would vary according to a person's age instead of income.

"He's going to outline the broad contours", Spicer said about health care, explaining the president would not embrace a specific plan. And he wants to cap the open-ended tax break for job-based insurance premiums.

Vos says he's excited about the opportunity and the idea that Republicans are returning to the "roots" on which the nation was founded on by returning more power to the states and making them laboratories of Democracy.

"We want to end the discrimination in the tax code against people who don't get health care at work and equalize the tax treatment of health care, so that everybody, regardless of whether you get health care at work or don't, has an opportunity to get a health care plan that's affordable for you".

  • Leroy Wright