Donald Trump Calls for Huge 'Merit Based' Immigration Reform

So when Donald Trump says, as he did Tuesday night, that "I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. And we must support the victims of crime", he said. "Yet, in America, we do not enforce this rule, straining the very public resources that our poorest citizens rely upon", Trump said. As border hawks are forever noting, amnesty is a one-way ratchet: Grant legal status to illegals and political pressure will build to make sure that that status is not only never taken away but that it eventually lands them on a path to citizenship too.

When the New York Times asked Trump's deputy press secretary, though, she said that she had not heard his speech. "There's got to be a coming together", CNN reported.

Trump listed the terror attacks carried in the USA by foreigners to buttress his claim for tighter scrutiny.

In 2012, Trump criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for being "mean" to illegal immigrants-a position he seemed to reverse, as he resorted to with harsher anti-immigrant rhetoric during the 2016 campaign. Um, it's publicly known that he and a bunch of other news anchors had lunch at the White House today with Trump.

Since taking office, he has signed orders directing the construction of a wall on the United States-Mexico border and the hiring of more federal agents for immigration enforcement, among other actions.

More longer-term restrictions to immigration mean the US economy could suffer from an even greater slide in workforce growth and productivity, Daan Struyven, an economist with Goldman Sachs Group Inc., wrote in a February 15 research note. In 2013, President Barack Obama slowed and stopped Iraqi immigrants from entry for the same reason.To compare legal immigration with illegal immigration is completely ludicrous. He punctuated that point by introducing four relatives of people who were killed by undocumented immigrants. We have really bad people that are here. This offer would not be extended to "serious of violent criminals".

But Trump has repeatedly said he would try to make some accommodation for "terrific" people who have been in the country a long time, work, pay taxes and want to stay, and he has signaled a willingness to allow people brought to the country illegally as children to stay. "Once again, it's an administration that they don't seem to know what they're doing".

It was a far cry from a commitment to comprehensive immigration reform, even if it left a door open for Trump to accept such a policy in the future.

  • Leroy Wright