California demands details of Trump administration immigration arrests

In a big shift from the demands he made throughout his campaign and with the travel ban that was shut down by the judiciary system, the president said he is open to a policy that provided a path to legal status for those who have entered the Unites States illegally but have not committed serious crimes.

Sr admin official: President Trump is eager for a compromise immigration bill, is thinking about adding a call for one in tonight's speech.

"There's got to be a coming together", the official said.

Democrats in Washington remained skeptical despite the reversal.

The Republican is mulling a compromise bill that would allow some undocumented immigrants to work in the USA legally and pay taxes - although it is not believed such a bill would provide any opportunity for those people to gain citizenship. But she said "massive reform" of immigration laws has always been Mr. Turmp's goal.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn't deny the reports indicating Trump could seek to provide legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants when speaking with reporters Tuesday.

But Trump has repeatedly said he would try to make some accommodation for "terrific" people who have been in the country a long time, work, pay taxes and want to stay, and he has signaled a willingness to allow people brought to the country illegally as children to stay.

Fox News' Chris Wallace, who was at the luncheon and briefing, said that the senior administration official's remarks "came as kind of a surprise". "People are exhausted" from discussing the topic.

Ultimately, it's hard to tell where Trump stands on this or any issue as his rhetoric is ever-changing and tends to reflect whatever room he is standing in at a given moment. And Trump recently said he might revisit past attempts at immigration reform, including a failed 2013 bill opposed by Republicans, only to have the White House later deny it.

Pro-American reformers have pushed their own compromises, which include an amnesty for the 11 million-plus illegals in the nation in exchange for sharp reductions in annual legal immigration plus self-enforcing rules to sanction employers who hire illegal immigrants. The people requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the private meeting.

  • Leroy Wright