21st time lucky: Hacksaw Ridge sound mixer's record Oscars losing streak ends

A sound engineer who worked on Hacksaw Ridge finally won an Oscar - after previously being nominated and losing 20 times. His most recent nomination, before Hacksaw Ridge, was in 2008 for Transformers.

Now one of O'Connell's fellow sound mixers, Greg P. Russell, holds the title of most nominations without a win at 16. When, O'Connell said, he asked his mother how he could ever thank her, she told him "you can work hard, you can work real hard..." "As much as I thought I knew what it was going to feel like, I didn't".

The actor's paid tribute to his teachers and Moonlight director Barry Jenkins in his acceptance speech and thanked his wife, who gave birth to their daughter four days ago. "And some day you can win yourself an oscar, and you can stand on that stage and thank me in front of the whole world". You can work hard.

"Mel Gibson did such an unbelievable job". His job is to layer in sound effects to create realistic sound in movies.

New Zealand editor John Gilbert has continued Hacksaw Ridge's strong showing at the Academy Awards with a win for editing. O'Connell had to add every explosion and gunshot into the movie, making it come to life.

Kevin O'Connell, second from left, accepted his award at the 89th Annual Academy Award Ceremony on Sunday.

O'Connell shared the award on Sunday with Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie and Peter Grace.

  • Salvatore Jensen