Two Tribes isn't dead yet, putting RIVE on the Switch

This is significant, because the game requires a touchscreen to play - in other words, there's no way to play it while the Switch is in its charging dock, so TV play is out. It's also important to note that the game played during the test was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which safe to say is a power-intensive title. A Japanese rhythm-tapping game that might have otherwise flown under the radar was spotted by a user at the NeoGAF gaming forum because of one unexpected feature: a "portable-only" mode.

So far reactions from the industry with regards to the Nintendo Switch have been largely positive, with quite a few big name developers and publishers praising the console and its possibilities.

The Nintendo Switch is a forthcoming hybrid console that follows the Wii U and by extension the 3DS - even if Nintendo doesn't think so. However, this does bring up a lot of questions regarding other games coming to the Switch. However, the way that it can't be played in TV mode is the motivation behind why the game has turned out to be really newsworthy. Essentially, Voez is a handheld-only Switch game, and Nintendo seems to be fine with that. In some ways, that restriction makes sense, as the game is all about tapping buttons that appear on the screen to the beat of the music, much like games in the Elite Beat Agents and Hatsune Miku series.

How long until we'll see ports of Nintendo's own smartphone games onto the Switch?

Revealed late past year, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming device that attempts to bridge the gap between gaming portables and dedicated home consoles.

With the Nintendo Switch launching in just a few days on Friday, March 3, pre-orders for the console are sold out nearly everywhere.

  • Carolyn Briggs