Trump's deportation policy to drive up farm wages

The 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the sharing of educational information, including immigration status, with any outside party, unless compelled by a court order, warrant or subpoena.

The letter - the latest in what promises to be a prolonged battle between California and the feds - comes less than a week after Homeland Security released draft memos revealing an expanded pool of people it might target for deportation.

Will rapists, home invaders and human traffickers now become immune from prosecution because the victims, undocumented immigrants, will be more afraid of deportation?

Participants were shown images of badges for local law enforcement agencies, as well as for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol.

The deportation guidelines, first outlined in an executive order on January 25, took more concrete form this week with a pair of memos from the Department of Homeland Security. But Mr. Kelly notes that the law allows him to fast-track the removal of immigrants caught anywhere in the country who can not prove they have been here "continuously" for at least two years. "Our reading of the DHS memos, and we've looked carefully at the language that creates an exception for and retains DACA, is that they really are cold comfort to anyone concerned about the viability of their immigration status".

Those who are being deported are loaded onto two large, white charter buses that have the windows blacked out, unaware of where they are or when they'll see their families again.

President Donald Trump has laid the groundwork for potentially deporting millions of undocumented immigrants by issuing new guidance that drastically broadens the ways in which federal immigration laws should be enforced.

Perhaps the most provocative of all is discussions around mobilizing 100,000 National Guard troops as deportation agents.

As a precaution, many organizations like the CSUN DREAM Center are hosting workshops about what to do if anyone encounters ICE and what resources are available to them.

President Donald Trump's tough new immigration measures are sending shudders through the USA farming industry, which largely employs a low-wage foreign workforce.

Yet Trump's policies represent a dramatic expansion of the deportation process.

The provisions mandate that the government detain immigrants until they are granted a hearing before an immigration judge, ending the Obama administration's policy of releasing some to live with relatives until their hearings. All the elements that will bring back struggle for immigrant rights on the scale of the 2006 marches and strikes of millions are in motion. "That's our legal right", he says.

"On the one hand, I think there's been a lot of dramatic shifts and a lot of aggressive actions by this administration, but so far they have been, for better or for worse, keeping within a general understanding of the powers that were delegated to them by Congress", says Rick Su, a professor and expert in immigration law at University at Buffalo School of Law. More than half of them file federal income tax returns, according to the IRS.

Mr. Trump, however, has expanded the expedited removal process to include any illegal immigrant anywhere in the country and who has been here for two years or less, making it far easier to remove tens of thousands of those who have crossed the U.S. border without papers, many experts say. They will also harm the economy, as some much-needed job positions will not be filled. "This is not meant to produce mass roundups, mass deportations".

"We just need to focus on what's happening, and anything can happen with an executive order", FitzSimons said. The often misinterpreted term "sanctuary city" does not apply here. Any political figure who sincerely pushes in this direction can be backed up by mass grassroots action. As a result, the kids would then be forced enter the immigration court system-just like adults-and face an expedited deportation process.

Both he and McLaughlin indicated that pursuing immigration enforcement at the local level could be detrimental to their community policing efforts, making undocumented residents leery of reporting crimes or cooperating with police.

The policy is based on falsehoods about the threat and costs of undocumented immigrants.

Trump doesn't talk about that piece of the immigration puzzle. This May 1, International Workers Day, offers an excellent opportunity to organize for mass strikes wherever possible.

  • Larry Hoffman