Trump Goes from Persona Non Grata to CPAC Star

And in the case of Candidate Trump and President-elect and Nominee Trump, he went right to the grassroots and brought you along. "I want to do it so badly", Mr Trump said about the likelihood he would run.

"God bless you and God bless the United States of America!" he finished.

Trump, who first appeared at CPAC as a reality TV star six years ago, recalled his past visits with nostalgia, saying the crowd helped put him on the path to the presidency. Setting the record straight regarding his view of the mainstream media.

The publications that were not allowed to participate, including The New York Times and CNN, strongly protested the exclusion.

President Donald Trump, a man who once pretended to be his own press agent to peddle blind tips about his love life, tore into the media Friday for quoting unnamed sources.

Zucker called Trump's bashing "very strategic", "calculated" and "very risky", as he's swapped his old political opponents, including "Crooked Hillary" Clinton and "Little Marco" Rubio during the campaign for a new enemy: the media. "But there are some awful, dishonest people that do a tremendous disservice to our country, and to our people". Needless to say, the targets were less than thrilled and the media sphere exploded.

He took it a step further: "They are the enemy of the people". He wants to totally dismantle the media. Yet another major paper determined that Trump used CPAC to complain about the media. Gateway Pundit called attention to a moment in which the crowd "immediately started chanting, 'Lock her up!" The president spoke about strengthening the military, protecting the southern border, trade and repealing Obamacare.

Trump said he would aim to upgrade the military in both offensive and defensive capabilities, with a massive spending request to Congress that would make the country's defense "bigger and better and stronger than ever before". "Despite how the press would like to say it's messed up and they don't know what they're doing".

"They're not coming back in folks".

But Trump hasn't always been a favorite of the activists at the conference. "And we'll continue to do them until President Trump gets impeached". CPAC staff members were observed confiscating some of the flags. "In all four [past] speeches, he offered a glimpse of the bold ideas and agendas that Establishment Republicans were hesitant to embrace once he launched his presidential campaign in 2015", the publication wrote, proposing that Trump had laid out a relatively coherent set of positions over the years.

The women let loose at CPAC because they assert that it's downright risky to express conservative ideas where they live in Los Angeles County. And I believe how he got here and I personally, wanted to come here today as counselor, but also, really as the former campaign manager to thank you for everything you did, for the courage you showed, through the activity.

  • Leroy Wright