Trump Calls Out the Media at CPAC

Trump did take note of a story written for Reuters by a "very honorable man" the previous day that he said was fair. After taking the stage to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A.", Trump pledged to return often. "We need to define what this great movement means and what this movement means for the future of the Republican Party", he said.

"The president said the news media is the enemy of the American people", McRaven, now chancellor of the University of Texas system, said in a speech.

Additionally, he brought up Democratic presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and her comment where she called his supporters "deplorables", which led to CPAC attendees chanting, "lock her up".

"Nobody", Mr Trump said. "And if that happens to any of our colleagues, we will not stand for it".

"I will never ever, ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the American people", Trump said, adding that he's even willing to get bad press for doing so.

One of his first steps towards that end: a crackdown on illegal immigration. He called it "the disaster known as Obamacare", to great applause. The president spoke out in favor of Putin's leadership of his country many times during the USA election campaign, and since last month has said he hopes that relations between Moscow and Washington can improve in the future.

"Nobody will dare question our military might again", he told the conservative conference.

"For too long, we've traded away our jobs to other countries". He and Bannon were defiant about the way they have been represented in the media, insisting that they were close friends and partners and that reports of power struggles were flat wrong.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 24, 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland.

He said: "We're building the wall".

The President also used the opportunity to heap further criticism on the media and, what he labels, "fake news". HeatStreet, for its own part, noted, "In what is sure to be the most controversial segment of his speech, Trump even attacked the First Amendment, calling on journalists to reveal the names of anonymous sources".

"I'm proud of Trump", said Ajah Hyten, a student from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

"I asked people if they wanted a Trump flag and they took it", he said.

The White House barred several news organizations from an off-camera press briefing, handpicking a select group of reporters that included a number of conservative outlets friendly toward Trump. "It's fake. Phony. Fake", the president told CPAC. She'll attend Trump's speech as a guest of Rep.

Military spending accounts for about 3.3 percent of America's GDP and Republicans are eager to spend billions more, though for now it is unclear where the extra cash would come from, especially if the Trump administration cuts taxes. Vice President Mike Pence took a victory lap with a speech on Thursday evening, February 23.

His first appearance in 2011 offered clues to his political ambitions.

"America today is missing quality leadership, and foreign countries have quickly realized this", he said six years ago.

He's nominated a conservative Supreme Court justice in Neil Gorsuch, a lot of people on his cabinets are very solid conservatives as well, these executive orders that he's posted restricting immigration, rolling back regulations.

It also fosters a with-us-or-against-us mentality that will do little to heal divisions in a country bruised by a vicious election campaign.

And the White House has pushed back hard on reports that its chief of staff, Reince Priebus, may have improperly contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to ask its deputy director and director to disavow the accuracy of the reports.

  • Leroy Wright