The "Cash Me Ousside" Girl Started An Insane Bar Brawl

That's because Bregoli is parlaying her cash me ousside how bow dah fame into personal appearances that are netting her A MINIMUM OF $30,000 A DAY!

A teenager from Boynton Beach - who became an internet sensation after appearing on Dr. Phil - caused quite a commotion with her friends over the weekend in Lake Worth.

That hasn't stopped Danielle, who now has a publicist and over 5 million Instagram followers, from continuing to find an audience, and now she has a hit remix thanks to DJ Suede, who sparked last year's "U NameIt Challenge" with his remix of Shirley Caesar's classic gospel track "Hold My Mule".

Customers at the bar started saying her iconic "Cash Me Ousside" phrase.

The whole thing was caught on surveillance camera outside Kavasutra Kava Bar on Lake Avenue, where Buchan was enjoying a night out with friends Saturday night. He told WPBF 25 News, "The "cash me outside" girl was here".

According to the post, the woman had suggested that Bregoli was out past her curfew. "And they get offensive, act childish and stupid", she said.

She was brought onto the program by her mother, who claimed to be at her wits' end as to how to put a stop to her daughter's out-of-control behaviour. Interest in the girl is at an all-time high thanks to her appearances on the Dr. Phil show, which have gone viral.

Stokes said she sympathizes with the girl and believes people should cut the 13-year old some slack, adding that the girl is only human.

Then Bregoli went after one of Hollywood's most powerful families... the Kardashian-Jenner sisters!

Bregoli has continued to make headlines with her outrageous behaviour, which has seen her get kicked off a plane for an altercation with another passenger and make disparaging comments about reality TV star Kylie Jenner and her family, the Kardashians.

  • Salvatore Jensen