Telstra and Ericsson to deploy national IoT network

Global telco Ericsson is launching a new collaboration with major Australian telco Telstra and the Fox Innovation Lab to deliver prime entertainment releases direct to consumer devices without the traditional bandwidth penalty of streaming high-rate data over capped mobile plans. "We plan on enabling LTE-B across many devices, and are excited to deliver an enhanced mobile experience to our customers".

LTE-B addressed the issue about low quality, streamed media especially in high traffic areas. "We are proud to help Telstra deliver the highest quality video to their mobile users, with a reduced capacity impost and a more efficient utilization of its network resources".

According to Ericsson 'The movies are pre-positioned on the consumer's device and are available immediately for purchase or rent and play in full 1080p HD and high quality audio without interruption, both online and offline, and irrespective of network connectivity'.

"This technology will be crucial to improving the LTE-B experience for our customers. For instance, when network capacity becomes limited and multiple users are consuming the same content, the MooD capability can shift the transmission to broadcast".

The program will also include 5G new radio (NR) trials, the creation of a new Media Delivery Cloud to complement Telstra's Telco Cloud project and deployment of CAT M1 functionality nationwide to establish Australia's largest IoT network.

Telstra is also investing in Session Continuity and Dynamic Switching (otherwise know a Multicast Operation on Demand or Mood) capability, and is working towards introducing this capability in its network by November this year.

Ericsson is working closely with Telstra to deliver next-generation technologies in each key area of Telstra's network.

"Building Cat-M1 services for IoT using the scale and standardisation of the 3GPP roadmap allows the rapid rollout of Cat-M1 through a new network software activation and provides the ideal platform for a proliferation of IoT devices and applications", said Mike Wright, head of Telstra Networks.

Telstra selected Ericsson to support Telstra's Network of the Future transformation program.

Based around an overall "Network of the Future" premise, Telstra has created a schedule of works that not only enables the next big thing in mobile - 5G, but also supports the "internet of things" in a big way. "In collaboration with Expway, Ericsson is enabling Telstra to perform interoperability testing for session continuity and MooD features with production pilot in 2017".

  • Arturo Norris