Shooting suspect killed after confrontation with FHP trooper, Citrus County deputies

Man accused of shooting at Sabal Pipeline in Dunnellon was fatally shot during a high-speed chase that ended in Floral City early Sunday morning.

After crashing along U.S. Highway 41 near Floral City Park, officials said Marker engaged deputies and was subsequently shot and killed. Some compare it to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Three Citrus County deputies have been placed on administrative leave while a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation occurs. No law enforcement or citizens were injured as a result of this incident.

The Sabal Trail Transmission is a pipeline that will transfer over a billion cubic feet of natural gas from Alabama, through Georgia and into Central Florida.

Just last Wednesday, two protesters staged what was described as a "pipe sit in" by crawling inside the pipe and refusing to come out for several hours.

The deputies and the trooper, who were uninjured, weren't publicly identified.

As both vehicles were stopped, the suspect emerged from the vehicle and exposed a weapon, Gaskins said.

Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast issued a statement on the incident and its risk to the officers and the public: "We know that the suspect was armed and extremely unsafe, and pending the examination of the evidence at the scene, we will be able to determine what other weapons he had in his possession at the time of the shooting".

A construction worker of the Sabal Trail Pipeline looks at the bullet holes that were allegedly shot by James Leroy Marker.

"We can tell there was gunfire coming from that area", Maxwell said.

  • Larry Hoffman