Senior North Korea envoy visits Beijing after China coal ban: Kyodo

The company, known as Glocom, is operated by Pyongyang's intelligence agency, according to the report.

It cited the case of a Malaysia-based front company that sold North Korean-made military communications equipment to Eritrea, with suppliers in China and an office in Singapore.

Tensions between Malaysia and North Korea have increased due to the investigation of the assassination, and Malaysia was forced to recall its ambassador to North Korea from Pyongyang on February 19.

Although Chinese state media first propagated the claim that the assassination of Kim Jong Nam was the work of South Korea, it is now clear that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the killing and that the killing has upset Beijing.

Neither the State Department nor the White House has commented on what lead to the visas being canceled. And now that the "One China" policy standoff has finally been put to rest, Chinese leaders are eager to get on a good footing with the new US administration. -North Korea relations. Rodger Baker of Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence platform, told the Daily Dot over the phone that the informal talks in New York City would have little impact because they would not have involved anyone now active in the State Department or the Trump administration. And any conflict with North Korea would increase the US military presence and activities in the region, which, again, is not in China's strategic interests.

The disclosure "makes things worse", Cheng said. "These talks tend not to accomplish anything". China is by far North Korea's largest trading partner, accounting for about 90 percent of North Korea's total trade volume, or $5.7 billion in 2015. On Sunday, the 12th, the North launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.

For decades, North Korea could count on China as a loyal ally despite the erratic behavior of the ruling Kim dynasty, as Beijing held its tongue despite its neighbor's saber rattling, nuclear testing and bombastic threats.

The remarks endorsed by China, Pyongyang's sole ally, followed a report by the United Nations panel of experts that showed North Korea was flouting sanctions by resorting to middlemen and front companies overseas.

For Kim Jong Un, that's going to hurt. South Korea, whose president was impeached back in December, is also headed toward a possible regime change.

Trump's unique position towards Russian Federation may be the last real chance the United States has to negotiate a deal to ensure a lasting piece with North Korea and its allies.

Exasperated U.S. policymakers like to say there are no good options with North Korea.

Trump-who once referred to Kim as "the maniac in North Korea making missiles"-nonetheless confused many when last week he said he would "never say no" to a meeting with the North Korean dictator".

North Korea's nuclear ambitions seem unstoppable. The fact that Seoul was willing to alienate China, its biggest trading partner, and to weather the ensuing economic fallout is indicative of the fact that South Korean leaders were motivated by something more important than economics - their national security.

In a Reuters interview, Trump said he welcomed China's ban, but Beijing could solve the challenge posed by the North "very easily if they want to", turning up pressure on China to do more. Baker cautions against taking Trump's older tweets as an indicator of what's to come given that so many things appear to be in flux. It's not quite that simple.

  • Leroy Wright