Peter Moore Leaves EA to Head Soccer Club

Moore holds American and British citizenship, and also spent two decades working for Reebok.

In a rather weird turn of events, EA boss and all-round entertaining industry figure Peter Moore will be taking on the role of CEO at Liverpool Football Club.

Peter Moore has been in the gaming industry for a long time.

According to a statement from LFC, Moore's new role kicks off in June, and he'll be moving back to his home city from the USA over the summer.

Moore is a Liverpool native, and has been a keen fan of Liverpool's football club for his entire life.

Moore's been at EA handling the interactive sports side of the company for the best part of a decade, with his job title changed in 2015 as the publishers shifted towards eSports. According to Liverpool Football Club, Moore's appointment completes a 10-month transition plan by FSG and finalizes the senior management structure at the club. EA CEO Andrew Wilson later confirmed the news on the company website, stating that "he is an unbelievable teammate...his deep appreciation for great games and the passionate players in our communities is unwavering". "It's what gets us up in the morning and drives us to do extraordinary things". "Peter led our sports business to some of its biggest moments as President of EA SPORTS". He's spent almost 10 years at EA being their Chief Operating Officer before becoming their chief competition officer last year.

  • Julie Sanders