Mozilla Pockets a new app

Therefore, Pocket is now joining Mozilla's product portfolio as a new product line alongside its well-known Firefox web browsers.

Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, lets users bookmark articles, videos and other content to read or view later on the web or a mobile device. Mozilla and Read It Later declined to disclose terms of the acquisition. Ten million people actively use Pocket monthly as a mobile app or browser add-on, Mozilla said, with more than 3 billion pieces of content saved so far. Its browser share has been declining since about the turn of the decade as consumers increasingly used smartphones - where Mozilla had little traction - to access the web and internet services.

This isn't the first time that Pocket has entertained the idea of an acquisition.

According to Mozilla, Pocket will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary, and help bring Mozilla to mobile. It also has a set of existing and potential businesses, like advertising, analytics for publishers, as well as premium subscription service. That's not bad, but suggests it's still a fairly niche service, especially as big firms like Facebook and Apple build simple "reading list" features into their platforms.

Mozilla and Pocket have long collaborated. Pocket has the mentality of user-first, which is said to be similar to how Mozilla drives its products. "They're adding fuel to our rocketship", Weiner wrote.

Mozilla has also confirmed that the 25-person Pocket team will stay together, and that they will continue to do their work as a separate entity from Mozilla, but still be under the company's umbrella moving forward. "As we have continued to grow both as a product and as a company, one thing hasn't changed: Our passion for building a product we love, and the respect we have for you, our users".

Evernote couldn't make this acquisition happen, but Mozilla did.

  • Arturo Norris