Jackie Chan's Oscars Red-Carpet Panda Bears, Explained

The legendary martial arts actor appeared at the Academy Awards on February 26, but the "Rush Hour" actor wasn't alone, as he had an adorable stuffed panda in each of his arms!

Needless to say, Chan's dates caused some pandamonium on Twitter as people everywhere melted at the actor's furry friends. By way of explanation to Ryan Seacrest, Chan said, "I'm the ambassador of [the] panda".

An owner of two panda bears in China, Chan ultimately intends to sell the plush counterparts he brandished on the red carpet to benefit conservation efforts. "Since she started working with me, she's had the opportunity to travel all over the world", he wrote on his website, per Refinery29.

"I have already adopted two real pandas. I feel a connection with them", he said. After natural disaster, they get hurt and I raise them.

At the Academy's Governor's Awards in November, Chan received an honorary Oscar for his philanthropic efforts and contributions to the film industry across a 55-year career. He certainly has earned it.

The guys have starred together in three Rush Hour movies and they are reportedly in the works on a fourth one.

  • Salvatore Jensen