Hardy Boyz Reportedly Finished With Impact Wrestling

The Hardy's contracts with TNA are due to expire this week and Wrestling Observer Radio's David Meltzer reports that it's "certainly in the ballgame, if not likely" they will go back to WWE.

First off, it's been confirmed that Matt Hardy's online store is closing down as his wife, Reby Sky, is pregnant with their second child.

As expected, it prompted many to believe that Matt and Jeff were going to be taking their talents back to the WWE and although it was just speculation at the time, new details have emerged which provide the strongest indications yet that we could see Brother Nero and Broken Matt back in Vince "MeekMahan's" organisation.

If they sign full-time, exclusive deals, then the company obviously won't allow Matt to sell his own merchandise as they will do that internally on WWE Shop as they could still be highly marketable.

Some in charge (rhymes with "flapnuts") don't care to have talent input in storylines, which is a hard situation to create when you consider how much the Hardys' have controlled their own narrative up until this point.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that the deal was for one year but Impact Wrestling was allegedly giving them the runaround.

But both the brothers have rejected their latest contract offer, freeing them up for a return to the WWE at Wrestlemania.

John Pollock of the Fight Network then took to Twitter to say that the Hardy brothers would not be at this weekend's Impact Wrestling tapings. This is perhaps the biggest indicator of them leaving to WWE.

It turns out that this kind of deal will be typical for Impact Wrestling talent. He said this always happens when there are new creative changes and new management. One factor that could influence the Hardys' decision is Jeff Jarrett's new regime and how the new people in creative feel about the Broken Hardys gimmick. They can continuing working their Broken gimmick on the indies (if TNA doesn't stand in their way), and do extremely well for themselves.

  • Julie Sanders