GOP Moves to Limit Medicaid Spending in Obamacare Repeal Measure

"This bill confirms that anti-choice Republican leaders will stop at nothing to control women and our reproductive freedom", NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said in an email statement.

Meanwhile, they have to deal with Trump, who sways with the wind and whoever happens to be talking with him at the moment.

Only about one in ten want simply to repeal the Affordable Care Act without creating any kind of replacement, and twice that percentage are willing to repeal and wait some time before a replacement is in place. "If the numbers drop, I would say that's a good thing, because we've restored personal liberty in this country".

Avalere Health consultants were commissioned by the National Governors Association to analyze how state budgets and residents in expansion and non-expansion states would be affected by congressional Republicans' proposals to change Medicaid into a per capita program or one that distributes block grants. Republicans know it. Democrats especially know it, having tried to enact a byzantine private-public kludge known as Obamacare that, given the political constraints of 2010, may have been the only possible compromise with a hope of passing. Health care accounts for more than one-sixth of the USA economy. This contradicted what Trump promised voters, but it hardly came as a surprise: as we discussed last week, throughout 2016, it was widely assumed that a Trump administration, if it existed, would defer to Congress on much of the legislative heavy lifting.

At the governors' dinner Sunday night, the president said he plans to offer details Tuesday on how he would overhaul the affordable care act.

The founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus said the Republican Party can not compromise on its promise to fully repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. "It's an unbelievably complex subject".

The plan would provide subsidies based on age to people buying insurance on the individual market, rather than adjusting them to income as the law does now. President Trump, he said, won't let people die in the streets and will protect Medicare and Social Security from those heartless Paul Ryan types who are forever salivating at the chance to slash them to ribbons. "We've taken the best of everything we could take". This wasn't just true on trade, but also on safety-net programs that protect, among others, low-income whites.

Cotton then responded: "I'm committed to making sure that people with conditions as serious as yours or young healthy people all have access to affordable, quality, personalized care".

It added, "Now that he's president, Trump better start thinking about the families who will lose health care if he repeals the ACA to give tax breaks to billionaires".

  • Leroy Wright