[Deal] Get a free third line from T

T-Mobile comes along all the time with new offers and deals to bribe Verizon refugees over to its network.

Starting Wednesday, March 1, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is giving current customers an ENORMOUS thanking with an additional line of service-absolutely FREE.

As an example, T-Mobile is highlighting that its current offer of two lines for T-Mobile ONE for $100 will now mean three lines for that same price, as long as you sign up for the free added line while the promo is active. "If your lines have varying amounts of data, the free line will match the line with the least amount of data".

This offer is open to all customers with T-Mobile One, Simple Choice, and Simple Choice No Credit plans, as well as small businesses with up to 11 lines. Each line has unlimited calls, texts and LTE data, though a line is subject to reduced speeds if data use tops 28 gigabytes in a month.

T-Mobile's latest offer is marketed by the company as gifting subscribers a free line on its network.

This offer applies to all those with T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice and Simple Choice No Credit plans - nearly anyone with two or more postpaid voice lines.

If you're in the market for an unlimited data plan for your family, T-Mobile's already compelling offering just became even more enticing. Regardless of how it is used, the free line is given in the form of a bill credit.

  • Arturo Norris