Chyna Gibson Identified As The Fifth Transgender Woman Killed In 2017

Some of Chyna's friends have organized an event to mourn her and celebrate her life at the same time for today (27 February).

The transgender woman had reportedly gone to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, only to be shot multiple times in a parking lot on Saturday.

Dupree, who was also known as Chyna Gibson, was a drag performer who identified as a transgender woman, the paper notes.

Black Trans Women, Inc., an advocacy group based out of Texas, says Gibson had just returned to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Gibson lived in Sacramento, Calif., but was very active in the Ball/House and Pageant community in Dallas and other communities around the country, according to a press release sent by Abounding Prosperity.

She was a well-known performer nationwide. "Instead, she was brutally murdered".

Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, D-Houston, also released a statement on Facebook condemning the shooting.

This included friends and family of the woman.

The New Orleans Parish Coroner's Office hasn't named Gibson the victim of the shooting but friends identified the budding star while leading tributes on social media in her honor.

No suspect has been named, and police have not yet commented on whether the killing will be investigated as a hate crime.

  • Joanne Flowers