Casey Affleck ('Manchester by the Sea') wins Oscar for Best Actor

Manchester was in the adapted category screenplay category, losing to Moonlight. Moonlight was nominated and won in the adapted screenplay Oscar category. The first-time host has already done a bit with Matt Damon, with whom he shares a longtime fake rivalry, but we still haven't seen Ben. "I've been out here since I was 17 years old, and so I've gotten to know lots of actors who have had a lot of success and some failures and some hard times and some success again".

As a reminder, Affleck has been accused by two women, both who had worked on his films, of sexual harassment and abuse.

Regardless of your thoughts on Affleck's guilt or the notion of separating art from the artist, it's clear Larson is doing her part to take a stand against misogyny.

Denzel Washington is pitted against Casey Affleck for the Best Actor award.

One of the women alleged that Affleck had snuck into bed with her at night and that she had woken up to him "caressing her back".

The same thing happened last month when Affleck won the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Last year's Best Actress victor, Brie Larson is a long-time advocate for sexual assault survivors (her Oscar nominated film Room was about a rape survivor) and she had to present Casey with his Oscar, after also presenting him his Golden Globe.

Feminist site Bustle's Suzannah Weiss echoed Doyle's remarks, drawing upon her own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault to condemn the actor.

Gorka also claimed a "nearly daily barrage of sexual comments, innuendo, and unwelcome advances by crew members, within the presence and with the active encouragement of Affleck". Teigen was presumably awoken by the drama that surrounded La La Land's acceptance of Best Picture Oscar.

You might have won your first Oscar, Casey, but it's clear that your peers are not judging you based on your acting skills.

Affleck threatened to countersue the women, but ended up settling with them (amounts were not disclosed) outside court in 2010.

Affleck had been an Oscar favorite for most of award season, although he appeared to lose steam late in the year after the emergence of accusations that he behaved inappropriately toward women on the sets of previous films. The Oscar-winning actress didn't applaud the actor as he took to the stage and gave his speech.

  • Salvatore Jensen