Brexit could count against United Kingdom as base for electric Mini

Electric Minis should enter the global market by 2019 when the U.K will have completed Brexit negotiations.

At this stage, it is thought that instead of the United Kingdom, the electric Mini will be built at BMW's plants in Regensburg and Leipzig.

If BMW decides to make the Mini outside of Britain then it would be a major blow to the government. Another option for BMW is to produce the vehicle in the Netherlands, where roughly one in three Minis are already made.

The doubts about where the electric Mini will be built is one of a number of issues threatening to derail the revival of Britain's auto industry.

Whilst the majority of MINI vehicles are now produced at the company's Oxford plant, the auto manufacturer is reportedly considering making its electric version of the MINI in Germany.

BMW announced last year, that it planned to launch sales of its battery-powered Mini in 2019 and said that it would take a call on where to produce the auto this year.

The reason for the possible move is the one that would be expected: concerns about the effects of the UK's possible exit from the European Union Single Market.

BMW plans to start talks with the British government next week, Handelsblatt said, adding a decision would have to be made during the second half of the year.

The company insisted it was business as usual at its four sites in the UK.

Many multinational firms have commented on their reservations about doing business in the United Kingdom post-Brexit, although several others have also reiterated their desire to maintain and grow operations in Britain.

  • Zachary Reyes