Australian arrested over IS missile-design plot

An Australian man could face life imprisonment after Federal Police arrested him for allegedly designing long-range guided missiles for Islamic State.

Turnbull said the 42-year-old man was arrested in the town of Young in the state of New South Wales on terrorism offences, but that he had not been involved in planning any attack in Australia.

"Here, the police will allege that this individual, in a regional centre, acted with intent to provide ISIL with the capability, with the technical capability, and hi-tech capability, to detect and develop missiles".

Mr Turnbull said the arrest was not linked to any immediate terror threat.

"Firstly, by researching and designing a laser warning device to help warn against incoming guided munitions used by coalition forces in Syria and Iraq".

"We believe he has networks and contacts in ISIL - not necessarily just in the conflict zones, but in other parts of the world as well and he has been relying on them to pass this information", said Colvin, adding that his research was "fairly sophisticated".

One man has been arrested in an Australian Federal Police counter-terror operation in Young.

Mr Turnbull said that while Islamist terrorism remained a global challenge the Australian public should not be cowed by the terrorists.

"We will allege he has utilised the internet to perform services for ISIL", Colvin said, using an acronym for the militant group.

Turnbull said the evidence did not point to any alleged domestic attack.

The man was expected to appear in Young local court later on Tuesday.

The AFP have confirmed they are conducting operational activity in relation to an ongoing investigation in Young, NSW on Tuesday.

The man is an Australian-born citizen.

Since Australia's terrorist threat level was elevated in September 2014, the government says there have been 12 extremist plots foiled by police.

  • Leroy Wright