AT&T reveals two new unlimited data plans

But when the dust settled, AT&T was still offering the most expensive unlimited data in the country, and consumer advocates (including this very site) were quick to point out that it was a bad deal. We encourage you to consider this plan for the next two weeks, by which time we expect that all four carriers will have changed their unlimited plans dramatically. After 22GB of overall data use, AT&T can also slow things down.

AT&T's unlimited data plan now costs US$100 a month, additional lines cost $40 each, and tethering isn't available.

AT&T also introduced a lower priced unlimited data plan called Unlimited Choice.

When the smaller cellphone companies started promising we could surf the web and not worry about how much it costs for a data plan, people started to take notice.

AT&T's earlier unlimited data plan started at $100 per month and did not include any tethering, so its new plans offer better value.

As is the case with these unlimited plans from most wireless carriers, AT&T included, throttling of speed may kick in when an account surpasses 22 GB of data in a billing cycle.

A plan for four smartphones will run $155 a month, so $40 less than the faster Unlimited Plus plan, with single lines starting at $60.

No matter which plan you have, tablets, wireless home phones, standalone hotspots and wearables all cost more per month.

AT&T's renewed approach to unlimited data actually includes two plans: AT&T Unlimited Plus and AT&T Unlimited Choice. That's some serious savings, bringing the effective price of the plan down to $65 for one line if you also have DirecTV.

With a premium DirecTV package, discounts for automatic bill payments and paperless billing, and the aforementioned $25 monthly credit, the total for AT&T Unlimited Plus comes to $115 a month, the company said. The new AT&T unlimited wireless plans now have two categories, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice. And if you use a lot of your allocation on watching video streaming sites, then you'd want to have an "unlimited" data plan.

For this category, the Unlimited Plus offers HD when available and the Stream Saver turned off.

Tethering also appears to be entirely prohibited by AT&T for Unlimited Choice customers.

The cheaper option is "Unlimited Choice". Once you hit that limit, mobile-hotspot speeds will be throttled down to 128Kbps, which is close to slow 2G speeds.

  • Carolyn Briggs