AT&T lowers unlimited data price to $90, adds 10GB of tethering

With Unlimited Choice, you get unlimited talk, text, and data with a max speed of 3Mbps and streaming video be capped at 480p. It's good to see the major U.S. carriers going head-to-head with unlimited data offers, and now AT&T customers are getting a better unlimited plan thanks to that competition that's heating up.

As an incentive for its customers to sign up for DirecTV service, AT&T will issue a monthly credit of $25 to the wireless bill.

It's significantly less than earlier prices and lets you add things like your Apple Watch for just another $10. Customers who opt for the option will receive a $25 monthly video credit if they subscribe to AT&T's DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-verse TV streaming plan, and DirecTV customers who enroll in an unlimited plan will see $25 credited to their existing bill. Data speeds are without limitation, video is uncapped and can be streamed at HD quality on AT&T's mobile network, and users will have up to 10GB of data to use for tethering. But Sprint offers 10GB of mobile hotspot data, while the Choice plan doesn't offer tethering at all. That's down from $100 a month for a single line, plus $40 a month for every additional line, under the previous plan.

At $60, it's lower than T-Mobile's $70 plan and Verizon's $80 option.

Two lines will be $145 per month, and each additional line is an extra $20 per month.

As before, both Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus may put restrictions on your download speeds if you use more than 22 GB of data in a single month.

Verizon ignited this recent wave of unlimited-mania on February 12, when it became the last of the four major US carriers to offer a fresh unlimited data offering.

Do AT&T's latest unlimited plans sound right for you?

Tablets and hotspots can be added to an Unlimited Plus plan at a rate of $20 per device per month, and smartwatches can be added for $10 per device per month.

Starting this Thursday, March 2, the AT&T is revamping its unlimited data plans. And if voice, text, or data usage in Mexico and/or Canada exceeds 50 percent of a subscriber's total voice, text, or data, for two months in a row, the feature may be removed.

Naturally, the pricing schedule is increasingly complicated the more lines you pay for, but you can get four lines for $185 a month.

  • Joanne Flowers