Was epic Oscars 2017 blunder down to Leonardo DiCaprio?

Emma Stone has won the Oscar for Best Actress at the 2017 Academy Awards for her role in La La Land.

The actress also addressed rumours that it was her Best Actress card that Warren Beatty read from.

Producers of "La La Land" were almost done their acceptance speeches, when Jordan Horowitz returned to the microphone announcing, "we lost by the way" adding, "this is not a joke". Although the film could not win the coveted award in Best Motion Picture category, her portrayal of Mia Dolan in the flick gained accolades.

He said: "I wish I had something bigger and more meaningful to say".

"You are wrong", she said to the camera.

La La Land's Emma Stone hit the Oscars red carpet Sunday in a flapper-inspired gold dress, with a subtle but strong message. "Living in a musical world where when you're filled with joy you can spin down the street or burst into song, I loved that". "But we're all so excited for 'Moonlight.' I think it's one of the best films of all time, so I was pretty beside myself".

The first-time victor was nominated for best supporting actress for her role in Birdman at last year's Oscars ceremony. We have two briefcases, that are identical, and we have two entire sets of winning envelopes.

The discussion is surely not going to end anytime soon and it seems even the Moonlight director just can not accept what happened. Director Barry Jenkins said, "Even in my dreams, this could not be true".

The camera crew at the Academy Awards is constantly on high alert trying to bring viewers at home all the most candid, exciting, and entertaining moments the star-studded crowd at the Dolby Theatre has to offer. We take different routes to get there just because of the kinds of things that can happen in L.A. traffic. "I noticed the commotion that was happening and I thought that something unusual had occurred", Jenkins said backstage. I used to think it was for our security, it's really for the briefcase [laughs].

  • Joanne Flowers