'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reportedly Incorrect; Nick Viall Picks [SPOILER]?

Spoilers suggest that the exotic location will be the venue for Nick's fantasy suite, where things heat up amid a cold, snowy background. If you don't have one of these TV providers, you can wait a week and watch Bachelor Season 21, Episode 9 online for free via ABC.com.

Next up was Corinne Olympios.

PROS: On her hometown date, she used the good ol' "get my brother cop to pretend to arrest us for climbing onto a grain bin" prank, that I assume must be all the rage for tugging romantic heartstrings in Hoxie, Texas. If you are not up to date with the latest news on The Bachelor season 21, be warned.

PROS: Corrine chose to take Nick out for an afternoon that seemed more suited to a group of high school sophomore girls - a trip to the mall. On Season 21 Episode 9, Nick Viall takes his remaining female suitors for another adventure in Lapland, Finland. She took Nick shopping and introduced him to her nanny, Raquel.

When we last left the Bachelor mansion, Nick's decision to send Kristina home prior to the rose ceremony continued to weigh heavily on the girls' minds as they began to question whether they'd be receiving one of the show's coveted hometown date roses. It turns out that Andi has arrived to have a heart-to-heart with Nick which happens to involve yet another shocking reveal! The first woman to dump Nick Viall on reality TV, Andi Dorfman is standing in front of Nick's room. But a sneak peek also shows her confronting him about his infamous decision to reveal they had sex on their Overnight Date.

He's hesitating. The fantasy suite dates are coming up on The Bachelor, and Nick Viall seems more than a little nervous about them.

'Oh really? Do you look back and are like 'Damn, I shouldn't have said Why would you make love with me if you weren't in love with me?' referring to the time Nick put the reality starlet on blast during the After The Final Rose special following his season 10 heartbreak.

"It's real, yes (he's looking for love), he is", he told Fallon.

After Corinne is eliminated, the final three and Nick hop on a plane to Finland. (Thanks Kyle!) The 36-year-old said he knew the Bachelor before he was The Bachelor, but not before he became a fixture of the franchise.

  • Salvatore Jensen