Six charged in aftermath of death of UConn student

Patrick Callahan, 21, of Mansfield was charged with eight counts of permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

In January, Tolland State Police applied for the arrest warrants of six students who had been hosting an off-campus fraternity party Pally attended the night she died.

Jeffny Pally, 19, was killed about 1:15 a.m. on October 2016 when she was fatally struck by a fire department vehicle.

The vehicle involved was a 2010 Chevy Tahoe and was found to be owned by the University of CT and was being operated by the fire departments shift commander.

On October 16, police were called to the UConn Fire Department after a student was hit by a fire truck responding to a call.

State police said the driver of the Chevy Tahoe, Dana E. Barrow Jr., was put on administrative duty. Her body was discovered after the fire rescue team returned from the call.

The University appreciates the thoroughness of the Connecticut State Police investigation. Police said that because Pally was under age 21, the investigation included finding out where the party was located, who had provided the alcohol, and how much she might have consumed. Members of both Greek organizations were drinking at a house affiliated with Kappa Sigma.

The incident was on October 16.

An arrest warrant revealed Pally had been with her sorority sisters from Delta Gamma during the day.

Police determined that Pally had been drinking alcohol at that party. He was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and the sale/delivery of alcohol to minors and his bond was set at $2,500, state police said.

The door to Bay 7 opened vertically, causing Pally to fall back onto the ground, police said. Our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends, and all those whose lives she touched. The national office for Kappa Sigma "evoked the local group's charter".

All were processes and released on bond, state police said.

"Generally speaking, any UConn student found to have violated the provisions of The Student Code may face penalties that range from probation to expulsion".

Matthew Moll, 21, Mansfield, CT.

Patrick Callahan, Matthew Moll, Austin Custodio, Dominic Godi, Dylan Morose and Jonathan Polansky were arrested and charged with various counts including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol and sale or delivery to minors. He is listed as resident of Sherman Street in Beverly, MA.

Austin Custodio, 21, of 117 Boyce Road, Pine Bush, NY.

  • Larry Hoffman