Shots fired at police during Melbourne drug raid

Police are reportedly attempting to speak with a number of people inside the residence.

No one was injured in the gunfire, but paramedics are at the house as a precaution.

Officers were executing a drug warrant at the St Albans home when it's believed a number of shots were fired from someone inside.

The scene is intensifying, with 30 police officers, including those from the Special Operations Group, attempting to gain access to the house.

Channel Seven reporters on the scene say they have heard sounds of smashing glass.

A man is reportedly holed up in the property and it is unknown how many other residents are inside.

A neighbour posted on Facebook she was woken by the gunshots and that her children were traumatised.

"I woke up early this morning thought that was a fireworks until I realised how it was gunshots".

Footage from the area shows a heavy police presence, with several armoured vehicles at the site of the seige.

There are traffic delays in the area and people travelling to Victoria University's St Albans campus and nearby schools could be affected. The dog squad and air wing is also at the scene.

Neighbours told the Herald Sun it is not the first time the house has been the subject of a police raid.

  • Zachary Reyes