Seven killed due to shooting at prison bus

A prison bus was shot at in Kalutara today killing seven people including an underworld member.

Police said Monday's bus ambush was the deadliest gang-related attack in Sri Lanka in living memory.

Another two officers critically injured in the gunfire have been admitted to a hospital, the police said.

A senior prison officer said that the ill-fated prison bus had tinted glasses.

The attack on a Kalutara prison transport claimed the life of underworld kingpin "Samayan" also known as Aruna Udayashntha Pathirana and 5 other inmates.

Four prison officials have also been injured.

The gunmen blocked the path of the bus, which was carrying more than 30 prisoners, and opened fire, at Kalutara 40km south of Colombo.

According to local media reports, the deceased included underworld figure Aruna Udayashantha alias Samayan.

"Underworld activities slowed down a bit past year, but they seemed to be getting more active in recent months", a senior officer in Colombo told AFP.

  • Leroy Wright