Oscars shock as wrong film named Best Picture

La La Land didn't actually win.

In fact, the Best Picture Oscar belonged to Moonlight. While Dunaway has won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Network.

In fact, before announcing the award, Beatty exchanged a look with Dunaway before announcing "La La Land" as the victor. When he was handed the correct envelope, the entertainer put on a pair of reading glasses. Then Jimmy Kimmel burst through the crowd and stopped the speeches.

The 28-year-old actress wanted to clear her name from the snafu at the end of the night as there was confusion about whether or not her envelope was just passed on to the best picture presenters.

Warren Beatty, who was presenting the award with Faye Dunaway, read out La La Land, and the cast and crew jumped up to accept their award. He saw "Emma Stone - La La Land" and paused for a moment, not knowing what to do. Faye Dunaway eventually got annoyed with his slow delivery and announced the victor as La La Land.

Clearly, he should've stopped and asked somebody. But what is rarer to see at the Oscars and elsewhere is someone who knows how to lose well. "I thought, 'This is very unusual because it says Best Actress on the card.' And I felt that maybe there was some sort of misprint".

Once the mistake was announced, and the cast and crew of Moonlight ascended the stage, La La Land producer, Fred Berger graciously gave over the Oscar.

Cameras stayed focussed on the stage, as news spread around the La La Land team that they had not been victorious after all.

"We. have two sets of ballots - Brian will have one complete set and I'll have another", Ruiz told the BBC. The real victor was "Moonlight". "It's why I was speechless - I wasn't speechless because I won, I was so speechless that they had to do that". It was a beautifully written script acted by brilliant performers throughout. Perhaps the only similar moment in Oscar history traces back to 1933, when presenter Will Rogers said "Come and get it, Frank", and Frank Capra headed to podium instead of the victor, Frank Lloyd. Millions of viewers across the world watching the ceremony live on their TV screens were equally baffled at how such a goof up could have happened.

  • Salvatore Jensen